16 - 18 November 2017 / Seoul, Korea, Republic Of

2017 gt-day 

(16~17 nov. 2017 / coex seoul, korea)


Global Technology Cooperation Forum (16 Nov.)

Global Technology Cooperation B2B Event (17 Nov.)


2017 GT-Day takes place on 17th November


Global Technology Cooperation Forum has been organized to promote joint research and development projects opportunities for Korean and overseas potential partners. Korea Institute for Technology Advancement supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy is financing a range of bilateral and multilateral international R&D projects. Global Technology Cooperation Forum is expected to be a place to share project ideas, find potential partners and build up consortiums. This website is for delegates who wish to participate in the brokerage event taking place on the afternoon of Friday 17th November as part of the forum.




Step 1: Registration
Registration opens on 11th September until 16th November


Step 2: Set up a profile
Next, you create a profile that will be visible to other participants on the event website. The profile should describe what you are looking for and can offer to potential partners. The sooner you set up your profile, the better chance other delegates will have to request meetings with you.


Step 3: Request meetings
From the 11th September, you can start to request meetings other participants who you would like to meet at the event. The meeting selection closes on 16th November.


Step 4: Build connections
A few days prior to the event you will receive an email of your meeting schedule showing who you will meet, what time, and the table number. You can always check this online or via the app.



ICT Convergence
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Drones
  • Intelligent robots
  • Wearable devices
  • Advanced manufacturing innovation
  • Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
  • Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle
New Materials & Components
  • Nano-fusion materials (Carbon, magnesium, titanium, graphene, etc.)
  • High-functional polymers (Super engineering plastic)
  • Smart textiles
  • 3D printing materials and processing technology
New Energy
  • Energy storage systems
  • Renewable Energy (Solar energy, wind energy, tidal power generation, etc.)
  • Smart grid
Bio & Health
  • Smart healthcare
  • Safety and health robots
  • Nano-based artificial organs

Venue & Location





1. Bongeunsa Station
- Line 9 (exit 1, 6, 7)

2. Samseong Station
- Line 2 (exit 5,6)


Airport Limousine

1. #6006 (Standard)
- Duration: approximately 60 min
- Fare: KRW 10,000(Adult, one-way)
- Bus stop: Sameseong Station exit 7

3. #6704 (Deluxe)
- Duration: approximately 80 min
- Fare: KRW 16,000(Adult, one-way)
- Bus stop: Coex Intercontinental Hotel


2. #6103 (Deluxe)
- Duration: approximately 65 min
- Fare: KRW 16,000(Adult, one-way)
- Bus stop: City Airport




B2B Matchmaking

           Su Wan Cho
          DeltaTech-Korea Ltd. - Global Technical Trade Unit

          Phone: (+82) 2 3278 2706
          Email: een.deltatech@gmail.com


Idea Pitch & Accommodation & Tech Tour

           Hyun Myung Lee

           Phone: (+82) 2 6925 0651
           Email: lh1423@kimexgroup.co.kr




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